Kota Sentosa rep to assist DVS Sarawak if sacks dumped into Sg Semenggo 2 confirmed to contain pig carcasses

Posted on 25 Aug 2022
Source of News: DayakDaily

Source: DayakDaily

KUCHING, Aug 25: Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap says that if sacks thrown into Sungai Semenggo 2 are confirmed to contain dead pigs, he will assist the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) Sarawak in any way possible, including handling, transportation, and burial of the carcasses. According to a statement, Yap and political secretary to the Sarawak Premier, Tan Kai, visited DVS Sarawak today to discuss the sacks allegedly containing dead pigs thrown into Sungai Semenggo 2.

They met DVS Sarawak director Dr Adrian Susin Ambud, senior veterinary officer /assistant director of the regulatory division Dr Chuo Hock Tieng, and chief enforcement officer Mohd Fahdil@Antum Hutel. Dr Adrian noted that because African Swine Fever can kill pigs in a short period of time, the procedure is to slaughter all pigs raised on the farm, as the virus can spread through various media. To prevent the virus from spreading, DVS Sarawak works with pig farmers to slaughter all pigs on the farm, and the government always prepares financial compensation for pig farmers to ease their financial burden.

However, it is strictly prohibited to dispose of dead pigs in rivers because it will spread infection.Meanwhile, Dr Chuo revealed that the department contacted pig farmers within a 5km radius of Sungai Semenggo 2 and visited the farms to conduct all necessary inspections and detection. Furthermore, Mohd Fahdil disclosed that DVS Sarawak officers had visited Sungai Semenggo 2 to determine whether the contents of the sacks were dead pigs; if this is confirmed, the pig carcasses will be further tested to determine whether they carried the African Swine Fever virus.

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