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This year was also the sixth year we separated from the Department of Agriculture (DOA). The department was set up on 25th January 2017. DVS Sarawak with only 250 staff will continue to work as a team and promote our CERIA work culture (C – Cheerful, E – Empathy, R – Responsible, I – Integrity, A – Accountability). Our mission and vision are to transform Sarawak livestock into a competitive, sustainable, and advanced livestock industry by 2030. Our core functions are to develop and regulate the livestock industry, and animal health, safeguard veterinary public health, and enforce of Veterinary Public Health Ordinance, of 1999.

We are using Balance Score Card tools to measure our Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Therefore, I call on everyone to use these opportunities to work together as a team, strengthen our collaboration, and resolve some outstanding issues regarding disease eradication (African Swine Fever and Rabies), especially maintaining our Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free without vaccination by the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH). The inter-agency collaboration will be continued especially the application of one health concept to eradicate rabies through our Rabies in Borneo (RIB) platform. Our aim is to be rabies-free by 2030.

We aim to increase our livestock production value from the current RM1.8 billion to RM4 billion, increase our cattle population to 50,000 heads, increase our Self-Sufficiency Ratio (SSR) to 25% in beef by 2030, and increase its contribution to state GDP. Our way forward is to facilitate private sector investment, especially in the ruminant, swine, poultry, and edible bird nest sector. We will continue to strengthen, expand, and restructure the department to have an impact on the veterinary services and livestock industry in line with the state's aspiration to become the net exporter of food by 2030.

With the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030, we need to double our effort with programs, initiatives, and projects especially the digitalization of the veterinary service through the Veterinary Information System (VIS) and online application. We will organize Livestock in Borneo (LIB) starting next year to ensure food security is strengthened in Borneo Island.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for contributing towards the advancement of the livestock industry in Sarawak. I hope that the information provided is useful to our stakeholders, client, the public, pet owners, and livestock farmers.






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